The Nergeco Intelligent Curtain

The Nergeco Intelligent Curtain

Are your high-speed flexible doors harmless on horizontal contact?

To not to open too early, but just at the moment of access in order not to expose your building needlessly...

The curtain of your high-speed door must be able to slide without damaging a load which touches it as it passes through.
The closure edge of Nergeco curtains is free in its slides, can flex horizontally and re-insert itself on its own on contact.

Are your high-speed flexible doors harmless vertically?

To be able to close again very quickly and without risk of accident...

Your high-speed flexible door must not cause any harm if it touches someone vertically when closing.
The Nergeco Entrematic closure edge is light and flexible vertically, it can therefore close twice as fast as many of its competitors without danger.

Does your high-speed flexible door have a responsive curtain on contact?

To not open too early and be able to close straight away...

The door curtain must be intelligent, meaning it retracts immediately if it encounters an obstacle!
The Nergeco Entrematic Intelligent Curtain reduces opening times because it can open at the last moment and close twice as quickly as traditional doors, with less risk of accidents!
This is how it reduces heating, air conditioning, air handling, cold-production, non-quality, repairs and maintenance costs, etc.