Nergeco Entrematic

The ambition of Nergeco, since its creation in 1981, has always been and still is to favour energy saving : “NERG-ECO” with fast and safe opening and closing flexible doors adapted to each trade, each process and each site.

Nergeco has built the foundations of its future development in 5 phases of innovation and major investments:
- 1981 ~ 1988, invention of the concept of the “customized Productivity Door®”
- 1989 ~ 1993, invention of the closing soft-bottom edge.
- 1994 ~ 2005, accurate adaptation to each trade, each process and each site.
- 2006 : The Intelligent Curtain® allows safe just in time openings and fast closing, ideal for all new energy-efficient buildings.
- 2015, Nergeco incorporates the Entrematic group. Entrematic offers a comprehensive range of products for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications, including sectional doors, loading dock equipment, high-performance doors, residential garage doors, pedestrian doors, gates and barriers, and automation and operators. The company aims to be the preferred partner for distributors and installers by providing innovative products, technical expertise and the complementing portfolios of our specialist brands.