High-speed flexible doors for standard logistics

To separate areas within your premises safely and efficiently while reducing maintenance costs when no other special feature is required.

Indoors, traffic can be busy and space restricted, increasing the risks of contact every time traffic passes through a door. It is therefore better if the door opens as late as possible and closes again quickly to protect the different areas within your premises without at the same time increasing risks caused by rubbing against the curtain.
The Nergeco Entrematic high performance door for standard logistics is a roller door to save space at floor and lintel level, and its numerous flexible stiffeners uniformly distribute pressure over the whole of the frame to withstand strong draughts and increase insulation. Its flexible closing edge can be distorted both vertically and horizontally and is responsive over a height of 15 inches reducing repair and maintenance costs.
Each time it opens, it frees access at the last moment without posing a risk if touched, then closes again at the same speed - twice as fast as traditional doors - without endangering users, vehicles or packages. It therefore reduces accidents and production stoppages, but by also shortening the time it is open, energy consumption for heating or cold production is reduced between two areas with different environments.
Designed for corrosive environments, the frame and mechanisms of the Nergeco Entrematic high performance high-speed flexible door for standard logistics are in multi-composite materials which are more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel. Multi-composite, because a formulation and design specific to each mechanical and kinematic function significantly increases its resistance to galling, twisting and denting when compared with welded solutions.
They are smooth and wear-resistant without the paint or crevices inherent in welded structures. The mechanisms are more corrosion-resistant than 316L stainless steel. The toughness of the uprights, their ability to absorb an impact without becoming permanently distorted, and the absence of paint guarantees a durable, corrosion-free appearance.