Safe high-speed flexible doors with enhanced sealing and asepsis. They combine pressure resistance, full access for cleaning and a minimum opening time to reduce sanitary risks

Washable multi-composite structure, the curtain can withstand up to 40 Pa

Developed both in accordance with the rigorous constraints of pharmaceutical environments and the most corrosive atmospheres, the new materials for the frames and mechanisms of the high-speed flexible doors for clean processes are made from multi-composite materials which offer a number of benefits. Multi-composite, because a formulation and design specific to each mechanical and kinematic function significantly increases its resistance to tearing, twisting and denting relative to weld-fabricated solutions. They are smooth and wear-resistant without the paint or crevices inherent in welded structures. Lastly, these materials are more corrosion-resistant than 316L stainless steel making them fully compliant with the requirements of clean environments.
Fully built-in to the frame, the Nergeco Intelligent Curtain increases insulation and sealing without a complicated system trapping it in its slides: it remains free in the open shape of the slides which are kept completely accessible for cleaning. On each opening cycle, it slides without friction then, with the flexible door closed again, lays flat against the inside of the slides through the action of pressure. Its numerous stiffeners then distribute the pressure resistance force uniformly over the whole of the structure.
Free and flexible, its closure edge can be distorted both vertically and horizontally. With no heavy threshold bar or rigid transverse movement detection device, it is directly responsive over 15 in height. So, on each access, it opens at the last moment without posing a risk if touched, then closes again at the same speed - twice as fast as traditional doors - without endangering users or packages. It therefore reduces accidents and production stoppages, but by also reducing the time it is open, it reduces energy consumption and the risks of airborne contamination.
Our high-speed flexible doors for clean processes are available with three sealing systems to limit the leakage rate to the value required by the operating pressure of up to 40 pascal to suit each project.