Separate two air masses at negative temperatures with Nergeco Entrematic high-speed flexible doors

Managing extreme cold without condensation

Between two air masses at different negative temperatures, for example 0°F and -20°F, with the high performance door closed, it is important to reduce the surface area of peripheral leakage and keep it down even if there is a pressure difference. The curtain of Nergeco Entrematic rapid doors is reinforced at regular intervals from top to bottom of the opening by flexible stiffeners incorporated under sealed welds. They tension the curtain evenly down to the bottom of the slides to provide good sealing and distribute the pressure over the whole of the frame uniformly for reliable and continuous operation, even under pressure, without additional weight or a rigid bar at the bottom, or a system holding the curtain captive in the slides. On contact with a vehicle, the curtain comes out of its slides without causing any damage and goes back into them again on the next cycle without any manual intervention.
Its frame in multi-composite materials was developed specifically for use in the food processing industry. Its direct motorized drive system which can operate in extreme cold combined with a low emission de-icing system complete its excellent adaptation to the cold environment.